About Us


We hope to fuel the health of folks throughout NE Ohio and the Greater East Cleveland area by providing fresh, local and organically grown microgreens. 


"Ye are all the fruits of one tree, the leaves of one branch, the flowers of one garden."

In our busy lives we desire strategies to more efficiently meet our health needs while avoiding huge investments of time and energy in researching and adapting our diets. A solution we present to this is microgreens.

With concentrated levels of vitamins and minerals, researchers are discovering the diverse health benefits that these little greens offer.

Providing this resource to our families and community is what brings us joy in the work that we do at One Garden Greens. We are a small, family owned and operated business. Since early 2021, we've been perfecting our processes and serving the Greater East Cleveland area. We're grateful for this opportunity, and for the connections we've been able to develop between family, work and community life. 

Looking forward to serving you in the future! 


    (Left to right: Joshua Patton, Zarrin Patton, Asiyih Modarai, Niyaz Haghbin.)